Mobile API

The Mobile API provides a RESTful Web Service solution to enable Channel Partners to perform operations on the mobile products. This is an XML-based RESTful service over HTTPS (secure). REST uses HTTP for all four CRUD-based operations e.g. Create, Read, Update and Delete which in REST methods translate respectively.


The Mobile API can be accessed via the following URLS:

URL Description The QA environment. Whilst development against this API is in progress, all requests should be sent to this URL. The production environment

Authorisation and Authentication

The Mobile API performs authorization using the following credentials:

These are defined as header elements in the HTTP request. The username and password credentials will be provided by Gamma Support and will be specifically for this system. The ClientId is the integer value that represents the user’s organization within the Gamma system.

Users must request authentication credentials from Gamma Support.

Specification and Schema

The specification for the Mobile API can be downloaded here whilst the XML schemas can be downloaded here.