• A number representing the billing account an order or action will be placed/taken on/under. This number may be presented in one of two forms. The first is the short identity form, being a simple numerical ID e.g 1234. This may be referred to as the 'Account ID', 'Client ID' or 'Reseller ID'. The second is the full form, being an eight-digit long string composed of the numerical identity prefixed with '44' followed by a series of zero characters to make the total length eight digits. e.g. 44001234. This is referred to as the 'Account Number'

  • Caller Line Identifier. A UK geographic telephone number in E.164 format e.g. +441244155382

  • A set of related numbers that covers a sequential group of telephone numbers e.g. +441244155380 - +441244155390 would be a range of 10 numbers

  • Geographic Number Porting. The process of moving a geographic number from one network to another.

  • Local section of phone number e.g 155382

  • Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number. A mobile telephone number, for example +447700900859.

  • Name & Address Database key. This is a unique reference assigned to a known BT address, e.g: A00035904580

  • Session Initiation Protocol. A protocol that enables the sending and receiving of phone calls over the Internet.

  • UK area code e.g. 01244