Inbound Webservices

Gamma provides a number of XML based web services for Inbound which enable consumers to manage call plans, obtain call recordings/statistics and provision numbers.


The Inbound web services can be accessed via the following URLS:

URL Description The QA environment. Whilst development against these web services is in progress, all requests should be sent to this URL The production environment

Authorisation and Authentication

For each request, the following credentials, which will be supplied by Gamma, need to be sent. This is required as authentication is transaction-based.

  • Username - Username used to access Gamma web services
  • Password - Password used to access Gamma web services
  • ClientId - Gamma provide a unique identifier to all resellers e.g. 44000169. This should be provided to the Inbound in short format. For example, 44000169 should be passed in as 169
  • CompanyRef - The company name for which the request is being made. Note companies must be created via the Gamma Portal
  • WSUserName – This is usually the admin of the Inbound Company with the highest permission level


        <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
          <InboundRequest xmlns=""
            xsi:schemaLocation=" Inbound.xsd ">
                <!--Request content. See specifications for details -->

Specifications and Schemas

The specifications can be found in the following table. The XML schemas for these web services can be downloaded here.